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G2: July 11-15 ELITE 1/2 Day SKILLS CAMP (PWHL/U18/U15 AA) 8:45-11:30am

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  • LMcIntosh Hockey provides great on-ice and off-ice instruction while maintaining a fun environment. At our camps attention is given to all aspects of player development. We are determined to provide an excellent balanced program for all athletes. All instructors are past or present NCAA/CIS varsity university hockey players.

    All athletes will receive an LMCINTOSH HOCKEY jersey

    Please note: we have based registration on 20 skaters for this group. In the event that Public Health has us reduce these numbers, we will accept registration on a first signed up, first spot saved basis.

Age Groups: PWHL/ U18/ U15 REP (2005-2009)

On ice sessions: (1.5 hours per day) skills + game play if allowed

Off ice sessions: (1 hour per day) conditioning workouts + small games

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